How to Create Social Media Content during and After an Event

The desire to create online content and manage it during and after an event is every event manager’s need now days, and we have come up with a simple guide on how to do that.

Videos Content
This is content that should be used to capture the buzz and happenings at the event. This can be down by employees or a hired video coverage company. Then they can be posted on YouTube, streamed live through Periscope, Live Stream and Vines. These are online social media Video distributor which provide free services that provide a single point for deploying videos to social networking sites.
Pictures and Images
Create an album on Facebook, or an account on Flickr, Pinterest or Instagram and allow attendees to submit photos to share. This provides crowdsourcing content that is free and remember that most phones now have high quality multi-megapixel cameras. It doesn’t cost you a cent and provides your brand and event with more presence online.
SlideShare is a social media platform that turns your PowerPoint presentations, Word, PDF’s, documents and professional videos into slides for viewing online anywhere anytime. They can’t be copied but allows you to share the major points from an event.
You can create a Hashtag for the event that allows you to see people’s reactions about the event in real time and to also creates buzz about the event.
Engage bloggers to blog about the event after wards. You can aggregate their posts to your company’s site using a blog widget. This makes them feel recognised and appreciated by your brand for attending and blogging about it.
Facebook Posts
Create a Facebook event page or group for the event to share updates before and after as well as being able to publish links ,images, videos and any other multi-media rich content. People would like to look back to it and this can help them remember.
Publish content both before and after the event on your website. (It helps if you have a website developed using a CMS (Content Management System) that allows easy uploading of content without having to know programming or HTML.
Digital Media Aggregator
Digital Media aggregation this gives you the opportunity to provide a portal where all or most of your content from the event can be viewed.
What other platforms do you use to curate your content during events?
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