Introducing KI Sessions on Content Creation and Distribution for Online Influencers

At the moment in the digital industry, content is key and the mechanisms of pushing it are a
necessity. Influencer marketing has taken lead in content distribution, marketing, publicity and
sentiment measuring while using available online platforms.

Currently, almost all brands looking for publicity, engagement, marketing, and online metrics goals reach out to online influencers who have grown their numbers or have mastered the art to communicate to a few and reach very many using the triple down method, to create and push out content that resonates with them.

As an online content creator and distributor – influencer/publicizer, in a fast-paced and crowded digital world, you need the right tools to create a message, caption- wholly content that gets to meet your goals and the clients’.

And as the hirer of the influencer/publicizer, you also need to understand the kind of content that can be created and distributed by the online influencer to have you meet your targets and goals.

This first of the many KI Sessions is to equip online influencers and those aspiring to be with the techniques and skills to develop better, great, inspiring and engageable content that meet the clients’ targets and needs.

For more details please see the flyer above and contact us or fill in the simple form below for booking.

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