A brief on Cross Content Team Input and Development

Cross Content-Team Input and Development embodies the culture of associativity and inclusivity when it comes to brainstorming ideas into life.

As the year was starting, we stipulated a list of Content Marketing Trends we are focusing on this 2019, and these include:

  • Authenticity, transparency, and value marketing
  • Content personalization and interactivity
  • Cross-team input and development
  • More collaboration between brands
  • Integrations as a growth lever
  • Using influencers as an ad hoc content team
  • Developing multimedia content with omnichannel distribution
  • Capitalization on micro-moments
  • Use of chatbots and artificial intelligence
  • Use of content clusters

After a long time of inquiring and flooding our inboxes on How to do social right, we choose Cross Content Team Input and Development to address this and help us navigate the different tactics and ways in which it can be mitigated and made relevant in the content marketing circles.

Content marketing requires aggressive teamwork and embracing any idea as it comes while incubating others.

Just like the word re-sounds, CROSS TEAM stems from a perspective of a group of people having to collectively and collaboratively put resources together and “make things happen”.

Cross Team input and development always starts from the source of the idea, and it gradually erupts from one person to another within the team up to when the idea has gained ground and thereafter a final strategy is set out. The most important bit about Cross Team input is having the person for whom the strategy is being implemented involved, the client.


Clients need to have an overview on how a strategy is to be put into action and this enables them avail the necessary resources or if not, adjustments are made.
For the many projects we have worked on, we have made sure that all the steps taken lead to timely implementation, a perfect representation of our brand and most importantly a happy client.

From a better understanding of this, here is a success story from one of our clients who we have seen gradually grow with not only online reach and engagement BUT also offline conversions.

ONE MENTOR ONE SON (OMOS) – One of our clients

One mentor one son is an initiative under Kutesa Foundation with a general vision of training young men into responsible and hardworking citizens at school, home and workplace through the help of mentors, sharpening young men on how to live life before marriage, informing young men on how to harmoniously live alongside the opposite sex and breaking stereotypes against the males.

The sensitivity of the topics and things OMOS stands for is one not to neglect, so as an agency, there is a lot of scrutiny and revision taken before publishing any content.

New content ideas have erupted on our table of cross input as our team has worked tirelessly on creatively sharing the message of OMOS without biases but rather rallying the online community to engage and interact with them. We have done this through; 


We managed to come up with versatile ideas which translated into stories and video content to appeal to our audience.


Setting up consistent sessions of analysis and reviewing the direction of OMOS has enabled us to keep on track with the current content as well as plan for the future.


There has been an incubation process which involves the strategist and the copywriter who both have given the idea ground and later shared it with the whole team to explosively crack it down at the “Kimeeza”.


This has enabled us to keep track of the client’s needs at all steps. 


OMOS has had 3 successful events in 2018, these events have been purely marketed online. All of these events accumulated about 40 young men each round, who have built an association of mentees that collaboratively help each other and reach out to other young men by encouraging them to continuously keep the online conversation on-going as well as ensuring that they are a part of these OMOS activities.


Success stories like these are the reason we work hard and hope you keep up-to-date with the tactics and tips we share about our work on our social media platforms (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram).

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