Likes Vs. Follows on a Facebook Page: What is the difference

For those who have managed a Facebook page, or gotten a chance to skim through the admin section of a Facebook page, you should have come across the terms likes and follows. Have you ever taken trouble to know the meaning of each of those terms? Or the difference between the two?

Well, in this article, I will explain the difference between the two and any other details associated with each.

What is the difference between likes and followers on a Facebook page

A (Facebook) like is a person who has chosen to attach their name to your page as a fan. When someone likes a page, they are showing support for that page. The page will show up in the about section of a person’s account under likes.

A (Facebook) follow is a person who has chosen to see updates posted by a page on his/her news feed. If someone follows a Facebook page, it means the content from the Facebook page will show up on the person’s news feed. By default, when you like a page, you will automatically follow it and this means the content from the page will show up on your newsfeed.

Did You Know: Someone can follow a page but without liking it

Someone who likes a page can choose to un-follow the page and this means the content from the page will not show up on their news feed. Likewise, someone can follow a page but without liking it. With this, the content from the Facebook page will show up on their feed but they will not be recorded among the likes of the page.

Enter See First: On a Facebook page, where the option to follow or un-follow is, there lays another option called SEE FIRST. This enables you to prioritize posts from that particular page to appear first on your news feed when you open Facebook.

Facebook like Vs. Facebook follow, which is better?

So, a like and a follower, which is better? In a nutshell, they draw in this race. However, if you have more likes than followers, it means people are liking your page and un-following it. This is time to question the type of content you post as it is the major reason people can choose to un-follow a page.

The most important is engagement. As a social media user, you should be concerned about how people are engaging with your posts. The likes and follows are a bit minor here. It does not matter whether you have one million likes or followers, what matters is how the community likes, comments and shares your content.

What do you think? Do you agree with me? Let me here your thoughts in the comments section below.

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