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Meet The Team

Patricia Kahill Kuteesa


I’m a Social Media and Content Marketer and Consultant, a development practitioner and a social blogger who is enthusiastic about technology.

Esther Nshakira
Sales and Marketing Executive
A creative writer passionate about digital marketing and it’s place in today’s fast paced business world. Skilled in sales and marketing. Interested in promoting the creative career path in Uganda.

Jacqueline Bangirana
Administrator and Social Media Manager
Passionate about people, organization and communications. Intrigued by digital media and photography.

Thomas Bazaire
Creating artwork enriching digital media design experiences by synthesizing text to simple visuals, by providing clarity to purpose, and by bringing more emotion to messaging.

So Severe
Strategy Project Manager
A highly trained and award nominated media personality, with experience in radio, television and digital media communication, that’s motivated by the need to introduce the new young, bustling and creative Uganda; firstly to Ugandans, and then the world at large.