2018, Year of the Influencer; How its fairing and What is new

2018, Year of the Influencer; How its fairing and What is new

As it was declared after Mark Zuckerberg announced changes in the Facebook’s algorithm to favour the influencer, the Year of the influencer; Uganda has faced a number of changes since then. Earlier after the announcement was made we shared insights on how an influencer and brands can use this new change on Facebook in their favour here, as well as helped guide the influencers on the kinds of niches they can take on.

However, so far Ugandan influencers are facing a challenge with the introduction of social media and mobile money tax which not only threatens pricing and payment methods but most importantly affects the viability of content reach.

Despite all this, Facebook and platforms have continued to emphasize  2018 the year of the influencer and emerged with new social tools like IGTV, Facebook Collab Manager and many others which are already being used severally around the world for personal branding.

For a Ugandan influencer who is still creating content we have these insightful projections for you to finish the remaining part of the year strong no matter the taxes;

  • Value Over Volume

Without a doubt, influencer marketing has grown rapidly with lots of brand mentions, event trends, online marketing campaigns and so many digital strategies.

The volume of content published online from influencers has indeed shot the skies, but where is the value? Let look at this scenario; an influencer who uses an iPhone to publicize a Tecno product. What is it that the influencer is communicating to their audience? And why didn’t the brand that hired them not do the necessary back checks to curb this kind of mess up…

In this next half of the year of the influencer, brands will be seeking to maintain long-term relationships with their influencers, and numbers alone aren’t sustainable. So if a brand is hiring an influencer, that should be looking at the content to be shared not the number the influencer has and the value the content will add to the brand product.

More to this, there is increased need by audiences to share effective content from influencers. This was noticed as online users ranted about the influencers who are in the business of trending hashtags rather than ensuring effective online communication. The number of niche influencers is limited, but this is what brands aggressively need as influencer marketing continues to grow in the next half of the year.

As Kahill Insights, influencer marketing being one of the top niches in our work roles, we believe that not just numbers but content, as well as brand loyalty, is a key aspect when choosing a social media influencer.

Seeing that keywords have dominated top trends for nationwide topics, indeed the usage of Twitter as an application has become very organic and adopted by many. This may leave the question of whether the relevance of hashtags is depreciating.

  • Video content

Video content demand has risen and continues to do so this is partly because the biggest social media platform Facebook’s algorithm changed to support videos more than picture content, and will continue to do so due to the removal of social bundles by the Ugandan telecoms which were limitive. The rise has birthed popular shows like “Black No Suga”, “Bwo & Scott”, “Barney & Barney”, Sitdown with Yana, CrystalsBites to mention but a few –  even when the internet is relatively expensive.

With the internet being openly accessible, the click-through rate to most websites is likely to increase from social media traffic. This drives us into search engine optimization which involves ways of ensuring that a website gets online traction and takes on the top list of search results of any search engine.


Social media being a dynamic and an ever-changing space, we surely hope to see more insights coming in from the year of the influencer. Influencer marketing is surely not taking a vacation any sooner, and if you wish to take on a niche read one of our blogs here

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