7 Tips for Social Media Marketing For Growing SMEs

7 Tips for Social Media Marketing For Growing SMEs

Are you lacking behind in your social media platforms for your business? Do you think it needs a boost to get your audience or community to engage more? Social media can be really stressful in understanding, creating fresh content and getting people to share your content more but when you get a hang of it, it wouldn’t seem so hard anymore. Here are a few steps to help you harness the power of your social media platforms better for your business.


Have a Strategy in Place

Before you invest time and money into your social media marketing to develop your online followership, you have to have a strategy in place that would guide you. No matter how long you have had your online presence, you always have to revisit and define your goals, measure your success and make the changes that are needed. You do not have to make use of all social media platforms, just stick to the ones that relate more with your brand and become more effective by freshening up your content.



You have to constantly experiment until you find several ways that it works well for you. In marketing there is a term for this which is A/B testing or Split testing, using this method would allow you to get a pretty good idea on what is working and what isn’t. Why waste money and resources on what isn’t as effective? Test out didn’t ways to engage and convert your audience into clients and never stop experimenting.


Offer Added Value Content

If you are looking to stay on top in your customer’s mind and give them what they need, so you become a trusted resource? You can achieve all this by offering your customers Added Value Content. For example, with your products or services, you can offer free DIY videos, free eBooks for downloads, podcasts, webinars, free consultations and one of the best ways is to give good discounts on your products and services just to show the benefits your products or services have to offer and give them the support they need all the way.


Create More Engaging Content

I am sure there are content being shared online that you love. Be it a blog post or article or even a video. There are millions on videos that are being shared online on a daily basis and one of my all-time favorites would be this Always Campaign;

or even this Coca-Cola Video;

I am not saying you should go all out and spend a lot of money to do a video or an ad but just tend to be creative when creating content for your brand. Try to connect it to everyday day life or something you are certain your audience will be able to relate with and can meet them on a personal or emotional level. Heck, you can create viral content without even spending a dime, all you have to do is a bit research and come up with something your online audience will be happy to share. You can even jump on trending topics online and find a way to connect it to your brand, this makes it easier for people to relate to your brand.


Breathe New Life in old Content

Social media trends and best practices keeps getting updated. What would have worked last year, might not work as well this year. Find your most popular posts, those that rank well and is being shared the most and update them as need, evergreen content is your friend. You can also reshare across all your social media platforms to draw fresh attention to those posts.  A good way to stay up-to-date with the new trends is to find reliable sources for news in the industry. Also you can follow brands that relate to your business online and see with they are doing right. For example, if you are in the e-commerce, brands like Kaymu is creating a lot of sharable content and then even Jumia keep us updated on style.


Encourage Customer Feedback

A major part of your business is your customers, without them you would not have a business. So from time to time, get feedback from them on what you can improve on or what you need to do better. You can carry out surveys too. The key is to offer something of value that fits into your business as this can be a good motivation for them to give you the feedback that you need to make your products and services better.


Don’t Stop Learning

Social media need constant learning. If you are proficient with Facebook and not Pinterest, at some point as a social media marketer you would have to extend your reach into unfamiliar terrain for your online marketing and this would help you develop new skills. You would find new ways to engage your customers and online community and you are likely to learn something new in the process. Don’t just stick to text, venture into visuals too, photography, and video to help take your social media marketing to new levels.


In conclusion, you have to keep up with latest trends and best practices for social media. Know exactly what would work for your brand and what wouldn’t and stay with that, while being creative and innovative with your marketing.

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