Are you a Ugandan Social Media Influencer? We are looking for you.

Are you a Ugandan Social Media Influencer? We are looking for you.

Influencer marketing is like a relationship. You will only be happy in the long run with the right partner. However, large budgets and millions of fans and followers are no guarantee for successful influencer marketing. It is much more important to work with the right influencers.


This has and continues to be the year of the influencer, which section of digital marketing we have realised is missing some streamlining and guidance aimed at improving it.
So, we welcome you to our survey…
Kahill Insights (LTD) is on a daring quest to collect the RIGHT data about online digital marketing influencers/publicizers. Our brand of business targets and connects clients who need people like you! And, therefore, we prepared this survey to help streamline details about the kind of work you as an influencer might be interested in, so as to help our efforts in better representing you, in the face of clients.

The realization that influencer marketing is more than just a passing fad is widely accepted by now. This continues to be true for companies who have been sceptical about working with social media stars up until now. This then brings to our clients want to find influencers to work with but don’t know where to find them and how to tell they are the right ones.
Our survey aims to identify those undiscovered influencers, ones who are but are not getting the jobs they deserve. The information you share will remain private and shall be added to our database of online influencers. We promise!
Please join our online influencer/publicizer community:
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