Benefits of a Social Media Audit

Benefits of a Social Media Audit

Social media as a medium of communication and marketing online has set goals, and thus needs regular audits to keep your performance on track and your daily task list meaningful.

A social media audit allows you to review your past outcomes and make informed decisions moving forward. It helps you to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. This also shows how you are doing on your return on investment when it comes to both time and money.

So below are the benefits of auditing social media;


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  1. It helps you discover what people are saying about your brand or your industry for reputation management.
  2. Its also for management of your marketing strategy and showing your marketing managers how to build advocacy among your brand’s target audience.
  3. Audits help minimize the gap between the current state of your social media audience size and quality, and your annual goals.
  4. A brand’s competitive edge is given by better understanding of customers’ wants and needs.
  5. Social media team is unified and aligned towards common goals and these are seen through auditing what has been done.
  6. Many brands don’t know how to identify areas to streamline their processes. Looking through one’s process on their pages helps provide insights into this.
  7. There is also gaining insight into the real ROI of your social campaigns.
  8. And finally it improves long-term planning and product launches.
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