Content Creation, Marketing and Curation; the Differences

Content Creation, Marketing and Curation; the Differences

Our daily mission here is to create content that drives traffic, boosts numbers of followers or increase membership and subscriptions.


To us, content is one of the biggest components of modern marketing. Any marketing strategy relies on effective content, and though there are a number of tools that can likewise create noise to enhance ones’ online presence, at the end of the day, companies that work harder on putting forth shareable, helpful, well-planned content are always ahead of their competition.


Armed with Content Creation, Content Marketing and Content Curation we have transformed a number of brands online while growing their followers and customers. We believe that;

Content creation which is concerned with the research and production of different types of content that aim to attract a definite audience,

Content marketing which is about using the best tools out there (like the social networks) to promote your valuable content, in order to attract and retain customers, and 

Content curation which is an integral part of content marketing that is enabled by a great editorial calendar;


Are the best tools online content marketers need to do their work. 

In web marketing, “content” simply means a piece of information that’s available electronically. As a rule of thumb, good content should be interesting, challenging, entertaining and worthwhile. Otherwise, the producer (writer) has wasted his or her time.

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