Content Marketing Trends we are focusing on this 2019

Content Marketing Trends we are focusing on this 2019

There’s a reason why Seth Godin – he is one of our cyber mentors here are Kahill Insights- calls content marketing “the only marketing left” – it’s authentic, useful, and perfectly suited for the internet generation.

We have been seeing this happy all through our 5 years as a Content Creation and Marketing Agency in Uganda. There has been and continue to be the need for effective content marketing, it’s channels, tactics and strategizes plus tools for marketers to do their work well.

Here at Kahill Insights, 2019 has us looking at these 10 trends for the whole year;

  1. Using influencers as an ad hoc content team
    We can’t stop. This is core to our business. Without influencers, our content has no reach and henceforth no Return on investment by our clients. We can’t have that. Influencer marketing will continue to grow and many brands as 2018 ended were implementing this reverse approach to marketing. This year, we are going deeper on this, finding better and value add ways to influencer marketing for both clients and influencers.
  2. Content Personalization and Interactivity
    Most consumers say that personally-relevant content is a determining factor in their purchasing decision. The touch of gold to a customer is knowing what moves them to buy. Increasing personalization in content creation can lead to a 500% increase in consumer spending and a lack of relevance leads to an 83% decrease in engagement rates. According to Jeff Bullas content that provides even the slightest bit of interactivity,
    – Enables brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors
    – Leads to enhanced engagement among their target audience
    – Fosters an increased sense of trust and credibility among their viewers/readers.
  3. Integration as a growth lever
    Are you a Ugandan digital company, we are looking at you and thinking how we do partner with them for 2019? Our reasons are simple, we want to create a ton of content for the end-user to devour. Through this, we think we can enhance our services together and provide real impact on growth and focusing on strategic co-marketing efforts.
    So watch out for us we will be coming knocking. Or before we do, you can come knocking at ours.
  4. Authenticity, Transparent and value marketing
    When it comes to any type of marketing, authenticity, transparency, and value are always important. If your content doesn’t accurately reflect your brand’s voice, the mission your company stands for, and the value you hope to bring your target audience…well…you might as well not create it in the first place.
    Not being authentic is a red flag for anyone. And if your brand has been red flagged this will call for more digging to determine it’s validity. In regard to providing value through the content you create, the purpose of content marketing should never be simply to see your products or promote your brand, but rather, content marketing has always been about providing value to your audience in some way- be it educating them, entertaining them, or otherwise. In doing so, you communicate a sense of authenticity and transparency in your content which turns your customers to trust your brand.
  5. Capitalization on Micro-moments
    Do you know these google micro-moments?
    google-micro-momentsThese moments need answers. Through content marketing one is able to provide them. We are doing this, this year by creating content that is plain and simple – answers audience’s question(s). This doesn’t mean we will not continue offering long forms of content like FAQ pages, Instagram and Facebook stories, Audio content to be played as a flash briefing – we hadn’t even tried some yet – we will do that too but our focus will be on this. The point of catering to micro-moments is to not beat around the bush, and give your audience exactly what they’re looking for so that they’re able to engage on a deeper level with your brand. The more time you spend explaining an answer that could have been explained in thirty seconds, the less time they spend actually moving forward in their journey as a customer
    To be continued…..

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