Do you know this difference between Advocate and Influencer Marketing?

Do you know this difference between Advocate and Influencer Marketing?

We receive a number of questions about the different marketing behaviours online today, and one of the many questions is focused on these two. Advocate Marketing and Influencer Marketing.

Advocate marketing isn’t influencer marketing, let us first put that out of the way.

The difference between the two is that;
Advocate Marketing focuses on encouraging or incentivizing already-loyal customers to share their love for your brand, product or service. And tend to happen mainly with review and customer references content.
While Influencer Marketing is more focused on finding influencers—not necessarily current customers—to spread a message.

Influencer Marketing involves people who are mostly/always paid in some ways, either with money or free products to push a brand, service or product but Advocates are less focused on payment and more on driving brand loyalty, love; which in turn multiplies the number of vocal advocates.


  • Write about brands they have an affinity for.
  • Protect their personal brand, as that is as important as the brand they choose to represent.
  • Must be a good fit/valuable for both the influencer and the brand.
  • Treat their blogs and other social channels as a business.
  • Work for compensation, meaning brand ambassadorships, money, and product exchange.
  • Have large, engaged followings and, typically, specific areas of expertise.
  • Bring trust/expertise they fight to protect.

There is also Ambassador Marketing 

Ambassador Marketing involves people hired by brands for long-term relationships. They differ from influencers, who might be used only for a short-term campaign. They are in effect paid spokespeople for the brand.

  • They are given inside knowledge about the brand.
  • They are typically paid on a retainer basis.
  • They are usually an expert that relates to the brand/product.
  • They wear their brand ambassadorship loudly and proudly across their channels.
  • Brand ambassadorships are highly coveted by influencers.

As an online marketer, where do you fall on the above?

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