“We create, beg, borrow, steal” – Kahill Insights Team.

Starting out as bloggers we have learned to live with mental idea blocks. As bloggers writer’s block has happened and continues to do so which has become some kind of inspiration and motivator for us as content creators. Through understanding these blocks, we have come up with a system that enables us to suffer the blocks but still deliver on clients’ work.

Our system has strategies and traits that help us stay on top of our game. The strategies include;

  1. Create topic lists in bunches
  2. Pick ideas from followers’ conversations
  3. Comments tend to have some ideas
  4. Revisit the old posts that are still relevant to the current state and reshare
  5. Competitor website tend to have some unique sides to the story
  6. Polls and Interviews with followers
  7. Product or Services Reviews the easiest one
  8. Analytics has a good story to tell and this a major contributor to our work and clients
  9. Google Search Suggestions (These are interesting)
  10. Recent Events and Trends help to keep in the present engagements
  11. Personal Stories of the business owner, team, customers, and others
  12. Sometimes we engage topic generators
  13. We have signed up for newsletters that help us keep updated with trending topics, news, and events.
  14. Recently during the Covid19 pandemic, we have found ourselves looking at new technology products for clients to amplify their messages

All the above are our begging, borrowing, stealing, and creating traits. That when we beg we are asking for assistance from our clients, the followers, and audience online using some of the mentioned above traits. When we borrow, we are looking at old posts, competitor’s work, whatever research we can land that can help us generate ideas is used. For stealing, please as you think, no. We imitate for flattery’s sake, so that makes it ok and not ethically wrong. We don’t plagiarize work and very much give credit where credit is due. Creating as already known is hard but most rewarding The magical in starting with nothing and producing some things out of thin air is exciting. Just like artists we crafts words from no way that communicates for our clients

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