How To Build Your Brand Strategies With Instagram Stories Features

How To Build Your Brand Strategies With Instagram Stories Features

Instagram as a social media platform has captivated different audiences, and various Instagram
strategies are being adopted by many brands in 2018.

To better your marketing, here are some tips to add in your Instagram strategies that may work out for
your brand. Many of these are Instagram Story Ideas for Your Business. Here in Uganda, brands like
MTN, JumiaUG, Kafunda Kreativ, SoomanyStories are among the many who have used some of these
features frequently.


Instagram stories
The Keyword here is: Stories
It is one thing to share different kinds of content, in any way at any time.
Have you ever thought about sharing a relatable series of content (still pictures), targeting a particular
point of view, driving towards a given message? This should be your aim when using Instagram
stories. These are explained more here. 


Story Highlights
These are Instagram stories, but saved at the top of your page for viewership up to as long as long you
decide to remove them.
For any brand that may want to create a first impression for users who have just discovered you, this
can work best.

For research about a particular theme, polls can be incorporated into your content plan (stories) so as to
know what best suites your audience, their tastes, and preferences.

Tags & Links
As an individual (on your personal handle), you may tag your brand’s handle in your stories so that your
followers may quickly link to and follow your brand.
Links which can be embedded with the “swipe-up” option can be inserted for accounts which are
verified or business profiles with more than 10,000 followers.
For other users who don’t have the number, the traditional adding of the link to the bio works better.

Add location & Hashtag
When you tag your locations and add a hashtag, users who search can easily locate your content. Also, those on the explorer page can find and engage with your stories.


Short videos
Captivating concepts for mini videos attract attention and keep the audience stuck to your stories and
profile. For an Instagram video, the time limit is between 3 – 60 seconds, but for an Instagram story, it is
15 seconds, so it is up to you to maximize this time with precise and compelling concepts.

Overlay Text
Adding text to your picture can help a user to easily identify with what is shared. This is an opportunity
for you as a brand to maximize captioning with brief and engage-able text content. You can use this to redirect your audience to your Twitter account, Facebook feeds or any other platforms they can learn more about your brand.

Users relate to GIFs more easily since GIFs portray certain actions which are relatable when
communicating in a conversation. Instagram can be used to add GIFs to your stories. There is a provision for this in the latest update and you are able to search for the nature of GIF.

Using the Lively app, iPhone users can turn their Live Photos into GIFs. For Android users, Legend is one
of those apps, you would have to try out for your GIFs and animating text in a video. The features above can be used for many other strategies which you can find in the links listed below which we believe you and your brand can implement so as to broaden your reach and gain more online engagements and more so ROI.

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