How To Use Facebook’s 2018 NewsFeed To Your Benefit As A Brand and Publisher

How To Use Facebook’s 2018 NewsFeed To Your Benefit As A Brand and Publisher

It has been a few weeks now since Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced on the social media platform that the NewsFeed as we had known it was changing the type of content it was to deliver to its users this year, 2018.

We have been looking and interacting with the newsfeed and have realized that there is more positive individualized content than viral videos and news articles as before. Because of this, brands are now looking for ways to gain back their visibility, publicity, and engagement on the NewsFeed.

And we have solutions for that;

  1. Influencer Marketing and
  2. Content Marketing.

Because the changes to the feed deliver less none meaningful interactive content, the above two solutions can help create and market sure content from bands that still want st use it. Influencers are known to be authentic in their delivery and engagement that viral videos plus articles would fit very well in their content distribution on the platform.

Facebook aims to deliver more regularly meaningful content like a photo of our founder’s dog, Severe’s rap session or our exciting new job announcement ( hope you guys saw it).This kind of content will be sourced based on the level of engagement from your actual friend network, people who like, share and comment on your posts.

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