Let’s talk about influencer marketing.

Let’s talk about influencer marketing.

Here at Kahill Insights we serve influencer marketing as one of our side meals every day, and this is our story about it.

Some influencers can be trash as Dennis Asiimwe mentioned during our KI Session last year and others can be darlings, we explain why.


We all have an idea about this, so we will not mention what you already know but share what you might not know.

In the big picture, influencer marketing involves identifying and making use of a given group of people who have gained the authority to speak or talk about a certain topic that moves crowds or change views.

They promote, create awareness, share informed views and publicize them through different platforms and nowadays mainly social ones. They can speak for brands, campaigns or products.

In line with our major work as a content creation and marketing agency, we have realized that this aspect of marketing has become a desired aspect of marketing in Uganda and the world at large.

Keep up with us on our social media platforms as we curate content for you on what really influencer marketing is about and how we here at Kahill Insights effectively manage it for our clientele.

We believe that this theme shall spike engagement but also increase knowledge circulation around this topic for influencers, brands, and anyone interested in the subject.

Problems around influencer marketing in Uganda.

Like for any huge marketing strategy, there exist problems that have resulted from brands investing in influencer marketing.

We intend to talk about the problem which results from the “One influencer for all campaigns” syndrome.

More to these, we intend to clearly share briefs on the things to consider when measuring influence.

You have also probably (or maybe not) seen an influencer represent 2 contradicting brands. All that is coming your way, stick with us on our social media platforms as we look to engage with you.

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