Is SEO dying, what is killing it?

Is SEO dying, what is killing it?

“I don’t think SEO is dying. I do think SEO has changed and will continue to change as search itself changes.” – Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the art of creating greater visibility for websites in search engines. It helps make websites generate traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

SEO has been proclaimed deceased many times over the years, but each and every time SEO has proven to be very much alive, even when the reality is that SEO is incredibly basic.  For it to work a standard webpage needs;

  1. Title tags,
  2. H tags,
  3. Alter attributes,
  4. Good keyword choices,
  5. Properly keyword-laden content etc

When you have all the above, then you align them with your off-page efforts, and voila – you’re ranking.

This is a must have on any basic web designer or web development team’s plan these days. A client recently said he fired a SEO expert who also doubled as a Social Media Expert because this person failed his site.

SEO as early as 1997 was supposed to be about optimizing your website for the search engines, but now days it’s an all encompassing process of getting your website ranked. This includes the process of getting backlinks using means that are whitehat, blackhat and everything in. This has made SEO static in away yet it can be a continuously changed and adapted.

So what is killing this once great tool?

We have been analysing this and we have found that social media content shares have had a great deal on this massacre. Social media whose aim is to give voice and raise brand identity and identification made sure that websites doesn’t show up but rather your Facebook or Twitter page.

SEO loves keywords but these are its downfall as many of them are crafted to suit the trust and transparency clients have identified and love about brands that do them. Brands are using the news and social pages to drive traffic to their sites but not much on keywords.

Advertising online is now the new error erase and a number of great ideas have been multiplied to max on deliverable because it’s no longer about posting but rather engaging with customers, clients and prospects.

Content! This is killing all those static website that rely mainly on SEO and never update their sites with new information. These sites are never engaging at all. Great content invites links and availing plans are being used to create quality online content alongside quantity, which matters.

If you don’t inspire in this engaging social world you are not motivating to be searched not matter how many keywords you use. Alongside the  knowing who is whose competitor, brand are now creating inspiring content to beat them. SEO don’t facilitate this much.

And key questions are being asked that many sites never really add to their site through optimization, living the social platforms to steal the show from ordinary website.

Is SEO dying? Not yet but it is struggling to stay alive and if it don’t evolve very fast, social searching will come and finish the job.

  • Burt
    Posted at 06:47h, 29 March Reply

    On the contrary, SEO has just breathed its first breath, esp down here in Africa. You’re looking at this like a bird on the ground, with one eye. Turn the other eye, it’s a whole different view bwana! Social media is part of the SEO equation. The engagement on your social media platforms is used as part of ranking juice by Google now. The pattern has changed and all for SEO – identify your niche and what they need, design great content for them, invite them to find it, engage them when they find it, wait for them to sneeze so that the late adopters can catch it, if they don’t, tweak it and repeat. Amazon is diving in on the SEO cake with their AMS while Jumia is closing shop because they cannot get it right. SEO is just getting life and I can feel the bones grow squeezing out of the digital marketing skin!

    • Kahill Insights
      Posted at 17:29h, 02 April Reply

      Should we say, it’s benefiting the first comers? The ones who optimized their site very well, way back.

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