Phone Photography in the Digital Marketing Space

Phone Photography in the Digital Marketing Space

As preparations for our #KISessions are being finalized, we have been noticing phone photography take on the digital space as it is easy to own and operator a smartphone than a real camera.

There are groups of people in Uganda who have taken phone photography a notch higher in immensely creative ways to do their professional work promptly yet with ease. As 2017 began, we saw people like Simon Elly, Mimotography, and Amate Angelle sharing a few phone pictures subsequently on their timelines.

Phone photography has taken swift steps into the digital marketing sphere by helping capture moments, report events and also share memories.

Earlier last year 2017, empowered by Kafunda Kreative a fellowship of creatives, the phone photography movement in Uganda embarked on a journey to share photography content ranging from macro-shots, sunsets, landscapes, and silhouettes. Alongside inviting Ugandans on twitter (UOT) to join in and share some of their most exquisitely taken pictures with their smartphones using the hashtag #PhonePhotography.

Joining the phone photography movement this year 2018 in March was SafeBoda using their “Your City Ride” campaign that was aimed to create a buzz about their rebrand, partnered with online enthusiastic youngsters to tell the brand’s story on their different social media platforms. The target was to showcase Kampala’s beauty to the world while taking SafeBoda rides using their phone photography skills under the hashtags #PhonePicsUG & #YourCityRide while posting the pictures on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Photos like the one below.

Photo by j_agwer

To unveil some of the passionate phone photographers alongside their best phone photos, the name of the phone gadget used and the app used to take the pictures, we have


  1. Joel Jjemba – @joeljjembaPhone – iPhone 6s, Editing app – PhotoFox (Download here: Google Play store | App store)

    Photo by Joel Jjemba

  2. Debbie Nabuuma  – @DeborahNabPhone – Samsung Galaxy S6, Editing app – Lightroom CC (Download here: Google Play store | App store)

    Photo by Debbie Nabuuma

  3. Benjaah Edwards – @BenjaahEdwardPhone –  Infinix Zero 4 Plus!, Editing app – Snapseed (Download here: Google Play store | App store)

    Photo by Benjaah Edwards

  4. Faith Liam Mulungi – @Omulungi_HawtPhone – Techno Spark plus, Editing apps – Snapseed and Instagram filters

    Photo By Faith Liam Mulungi

  5. Amate Angelle – @amate_aPhone – Sony Xperia/Samsung S3, Camera app – VSCO (Download here: Google Play store | App store) & BlackCam for black and white (Download here: Google Play store | App store

    Photo by Amate Angelle

  6. Christine Kiden – @jesuiskidenPhone – Xiaomi Mi5, Editing app – Adobe Photoshop express (Download here: Google Play store | App store)

    Photo by Christine Kiden

  7. Pius Enywaru – @enywaruPhone – Techno Spark, Editing apps – Instagram and Twitter photo editors

    Photo by Pius Enywaru


  8. Ninno Jack – @ninnojackjrPhone – LG G4, Editing app – Snapseed (Download here: Google Play store | App store)

    Photo by Ninno Jack


  9. Isabella Namanda – @lwasas_childPhone – Samsung S7 edge, Editing apps – Snapseed & inbuilt phone editing tools

    Photo by Isabella Namanda

    After seeing all those beautiful photos, do think you can be create this kind of content?

  • Maureen Nagasha
    Posted at 04:54h, 21 March Reply

    Thank you for this timely post and review.

  • Michael
    Posted at 14:29h, 22 March Reply

    Hey Kahill, Niiiice piece. Interesting to see all this.

    I have had the opportunity of joining these amazing people on their saturday rides. They really take nice photos. I think I do too, but I am here to learn more, but I am not as active on social media (particularly Twitter). How can I take advantage of this nice phone I have to better my phone photography and also showcase it more? I am happy to have a longer conversation. Some of my recent photos are on instagram (michaelsenyos). Please check them out and advise (am certain you will be able to figure out when they got a bit better). I am excited to hear from you.

    PS: You did an amazing job up there with the typos

    • Kahill Insights
      Posted at 14:15h, 23 March Reply

      Thank you for reading and this comment. We appreciate this feedback. Can you come for our #KISession on 29th March at Innovation Village, we will be handling these things.

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