Twitter’s Privacy Policy: What you need to know

Twitter’s Privacy Policy: What you need to know

Have you landed on this pop-up message while logging into your twitter account?

You probably missed it as you went on with your daily tweeting activity, BUT here is what you might have
missed. Effective 25th May 2018, Twitter made changes to its privacy policy. This meaning how Twitter uses your data.

This was after Twitter’s data protection officer Damien Kieran wrote that the language used while expressing the technical terms and policies shall be simplified for users to actually easily relate to what is being communicated.

So, what should you expect from the new policies?

1. Control Over your Personal Data

Twitter has promised to give its users access on how their data is being used, and decide whether it can
be shared or not. Users shall be able to do this from their privacy and security settings. Twitter has also enabled the feature to see the nature of data the company has about you and thus make favorable changes. You’ll also see a download button at the top of the page that allows you to get a plain text version of your data, Damien Karen said on the company’s blog.

2. How the app shares your public data broadly and instantly, including through their developer tools.

Twitter’s developers are now limited from having access to your location’s information, and a user has control over the advertisements they see. Currently, the advertisements you see are all based on the information Twitter has on you, like, age, gender, location, and it ensures that they are relevant. In this new policy, you have the ability to limit the kind of data shared to business partners and developers about you, and you probably won’t see certain advertisements you find irrelevant to you.

3. Easier, prompt and on spot conversation
From within the privacy settings, users shall be able to directly contact Twitter about any out-of-the-spur issues in relation to their data. These questions shall only be accessed by the Data protection officer and his team. This is to be done on exactly the same day when the European Union’s General Data Protection
Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect.

Twitter clearly states that continuing to use the application beyond this 25th May 2018 implies that you abide
by their new improved policy and their overall Terms of Service. Other companies like LinkedIn and Sound cloud have also considered updating their terms and conditions so as to comply with GDPR.


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