Who are Online Influencers – Types


Who are Online Influencers – Types

As we prepare for our first #KISessions with Topic Content Creation and Distribution for Online Influencers due 29th March 2018 at Innovation Village in Ntinda on Ntinda Complex, we thought we would define and share the types of Influencers that are known to us.

We’ve noticed that because we live and breathe influencer marketing alongside content every day, we tend to forget that not everyone knows what it is!

So who is an Online Influencer?

According to E-Marketing Communication a book by Judy Strauss and Raymond Frost, an Online Influencer is an online observer first and participate/contributor in conversations related to their industries of interest to share insightful knowledge about it.

However, according to TapInfluence, an online influencer is a key industry leader who is used to drive a brand’s message to a larger market; this person is either hired or inspired or both.

And to Convert with Content, an Influencer is someone who has the power or clout to persuade or “woo” their network. They are tastemakers, compelling people to listen to what they have to say and, hopefully (in the case of Influencer marketing), engage with their message. There is a common belief that Influencers must have a huge network. Of course, the bigger the network, the more people will be influenced by the suggestions, referrals, and thoughts of the Influencer. But this isn’t always the case. An Influencer can have a compacted network and still be influential. In fact, anyone can be an Influencer if they have the ability to engage with and influence the decision making of just one person. While this person, the Influencer, is still influential to someone, their circle of influence is a lot smaller. With that said, the amount of followers or fans does not determine influence. Rather, how respected the person determines the amount of influence they may have.

While here at Kahill Insights, we believe all the above and add that an online influencer is one who uses social media components to spread content either created for him/her or he/she has created through their own social channels. It should be known that social-media and content marketing often fit inside influencer campaigns, they are not synonymous with influencer marketing.

Not to forget online influencer marketers are not the same as Advocate Marketers.

Types of Online Influencers

-> Bloggers

These are the ones who are constantly writing, the ones who are united under the Uganda Blogging Community for the this region’s market. They like sharing using any kind of content they choose about their favorite things, businesses they have visited, gadgets or products and services they are using and everything else in their field of work.

These influencers publish on their own platforms and are often approached by brands who have found them to be an appropriate brand fit. Bloggers are important because they dictate what’s “cool and trending” on a cultural level yet are more approachable and often partake in intimate dialogue with their readers.

-> Platform-Specific “Sensations”

Many social media platform-specific “sensations” are known for something very specific, from comedic sketches to how-to tutorials. These influencers understand the power of “edutainment” but tend to influence us on a more trivial level.

-> Online Celebrities

Whether we like it or not, celebrities play a big role in most of our lives because, culturally, they signal what’s hot, new and interesting but these to influence online they must be using the platforms. They’re likely the most apparent of all the different types of influencers because of how touted they are by the media. They can create a conversation that is picked up shared instantly.

-> The networker (Social Butterfly): one who has the biggest contact list and found on all platforms. He or she who knows everybody and everybody knows him or her. The social butterfly is someone who is a serial networker. They’re out there making connections and can often be influential about a variety of different things. These people are usually found on various networks and often times have a large following on each.

-> Online Brand Journalists


Brand journalists are important influencers because although they often do not accept pitches, their writing can be highly influential in their niche. Connecting with brand journalists can also lead to partnerships or a wealth of other collaborative marketing opportunities. Why? Because brand journalists often work “in-house” at their respective companies, and can easily connect you with other departments.

-> The sharer (Reporter)

one who distributes information to the bloggers to journalists through the specialized webzines. He or she usually amplify messages.

-> Analysts

These are the ones who assess and make sense of things online.  Journalists, some bloggers plus reporters tell stories while analysts speak to the implications. Analysts are highly influential and important because we need experts to help us understand and make sense of what we’re hearing from the media.

-> Thought Leaders

From speaking on panels and writing thought-leadership articles to consulting with companies, many thought leaders use a multi-channel approach when it comes to sharing their ideas. These can even become the best ambassador for a brand. He or she has built a strong authority in his or her field based on credibility. Their messages are most often commented on and retweeted. Everyone from reporters to brands look to this type of influencer to get their perspective on an issue because that person is known for thinking differently about a certain topic.




-> The discoverer (Trendsetter)

The ones who are always the first to use a new platform. Constantly on the lookout for new trends, they become the “hub” in the sector.

These are to us the most used and see in the industry so far. Can you identify yourself? If you can leave us a comment.

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