Why your online content posts should be your interactive model of communication to your audience?

Why your online content posts should be your interactive model of communication to your audience?

In today’s age, social media’s interactive nature offers a two-way street for businesses and customers to chat unlike the one-way straight-line type of communication that did not of yesteryears.

Consumers want to see product images, watch videos, and play around with different types of interactive content to get a feel for what it would be like to purchase a product or service posted. This is the interactive model of communication, which is all about giving and taking. It relies on an exchange of communication from the sender to the receiver and from the receiver to the sender and back again. It makes interactive content items the king, with 93% of marketers rating it as highly effective at educating prospective customers. It tends to deliver on investment and give an opportunity to understand client needs and thoughts about service and product.

Here are the things to consider when creating interactive content items

  • Two sources: The originator of the message and the recipient of the message are both sources. Both parties can send and receive messages or feedback from the other.
  • The message: The information being exchanged.
  • Feedback: Takes place after the first message has been received and is returned to the originating source. The presence of feedback is the primary difference between the linear model and the interactive model.
  • Field of experience: The field of experience is all the knowledge, behaviors, beliefs, situations, psychological factors, etc., that not only impact the content of the message, but also the way it is interpreted.

An example of how to implement this every day with your posts online….. the owner of the page formulates a message to share (a picture and caption), hits post/share on the page to deliver to their audience. The audience sees the post and decides to either react to it or not, but we will go with react on it with either an emoji, comment, or a like. This is the interactive-ness, we mean when we say interactive content items. The content posted causes one to react to it hence commenting back.

Interactive content items create a continuous loop of messages and feedback between two participants. This kind of open communication between both sides, who act equally as sources of information is important. It should be noted that some feedback though can be somewhat delayed as one waits for a response on their post.

It should be known that human actions toward people or things are always based on the meanings they assign to those people or things. This tends to happen to several posts online, the reason the meme culture was birthed and is so famous.

This kind of meaning attached to certain post items arises out of the social interaction people have with each other. Negative responses can consequently reduce a post to nothing. Meaning evokes people’s expectations and how they respond to confirm what we originally anticipated, resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy that works for content marketing and distribution online.

Analyzing the above has led us to the development of 365/6 generic content captions that any business can use to gain interactions on their posts and pages. We crafted the caption with good throughout views and ideas of the different markets that the captions serve.

You can request for this through this link https://kahillinsights.com/services/kahill-insights-generic-content-captions/

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